Time Off Tuna Trips for Goose Staff

Chris Nashville fighting one of the many blue sharks they hooked up on south of the islands.

A few of the Goose Hummock Staff were able to make it out fishing this weekend with some good results.
Goose Hummock Marine Service Manager Chris Nashville was out with Capt. Tim Jones on the Halftime and Saturday, made a trip south of the Vineyard. After being escorted by dolphins to the fishing grounds they were able to see some real action. Casting spinning reels, with RonZ’s and SP Minnows, they were able to hook up on ton on mahi. Later, when some blue sharks showed up, they were able to switch gear and land about 10 sharks. Quite a good day. Then Sunday, after a little trailer trouble, they headed east and were able to mark some fish but had no luck jigging them up.

Marlin  Goose Hummock Outdoor Center sales rep Sam Brown and GH Marine Tech Nick Gallagher were out on Nick’s dad’s boat the Lisa Marie, and had some better luck. Both days they headed out of the north break for the canyons. They headed to Hydrographer, motored over to Welker then back to Hydrographer later in the day. They were trolling bars and daisy chains but not having much luck. They switched to casting RonZ’s and Mad Minnows and hit on some nice tuna. Later that night, they drifted some chunk mackerel and hooked a 200 pound hammerhead and a 400 pound tiger shark. Then they hooked up on a sword. Around 3 a.m. they chummed for a bit then started jigging RonZ’s. They went 7 for 11 on yellowfin. As the sun came up the switched to bars and had a beautiful blue marlin hit the electric green splash bar. Sam was very please with the performance of his Saragossa 20 as was Nick with his Dogfight 7000. Not bad for a bit of day off fishing.

Sam Brown and his sword.