Still beaching it? Stay cool!

As August calendar counts down, many are scrambling to milk the last days summer. As Cape Codders know, some of the best beach days are yet to come. If you are still planning on more days with your toes in the sand, then make sure you have everything you need to keep your snacks and beverages chilled. Yeti Coolers and Arctic Ice blocks are a great way to keep you stuff cool ALL DAY LONG!

YetiHopperYeti coolers are the toughest coolers on the planet. Now they have a more portable option. The Hopper. Ordinary soft-sided coolers are flimsy, frail, and only slightly better at cooling beverages than just leaving them in the shade. But the YETI Hopper is a portable cooler of a different color. No matter where you carry it or how you handle it, the Hopper won’t leak or break. And just like all YETI Coolers, it’s over-engineered to keep ice for days. Be sure and check out the videos below.

ArcticIceWith a cooler like the Yeti, you don’t want to put just any ice in you bag. Arctic-Ice™ Chillin’ Brew™ was specifically designed with the beer drinker in mind, but is excellent for cooling any thing kept in a cooler. Chillin’ Brew’s™ freezing point of 28°F makes it uniquely suited for keeping beer or any other beverage at its coldest point possible. With the addition of Chillin’ Brew™ to a cooler, the contents don’t have to be just cold, they can be colder than ice! Chillin’ Brew™ has been shown to keep coolers under 32°F for days! Chillin’ Brew™ is reusable for a lifetime, making it a very economical choice for years of “colder than ice” coolers. Chillin’ Brew™ can also be used with ice to keep ice frozen up to 50% longer than an equal weight of ice would last alone. For your convenience, Chillin’ Brew™ should be stored in a freezer for ease of access and will re-freeze in about 6-8 hours. Chillin’ Brew™ panels are also top-rack dishwasher safe.