Transporting your new Kayak or SUP.

Thule   So you’ve purchased a new kayak or stand up paddle board while visiting Cape Cod and want to take it home with you. What do you do? Well, the best way to get in home safely and securely, is by using the Thule® rack systems. Whether you vehicle has existing rails and bars or you just have nothing up top at all, Thule® makes everything you need to haul not only your kayaks, SUPs, canoes and bikes, but they double as all around utility racks for what ever you want to transport; lumber, car boxes, skis or anything you can strap down.
Our sales staff can determine what system will work for your car, options for the ad-ons you will need depending on what you intend to carry and even help with installation*. Here are some of the carry systems Thule has to offer;


Thule The Stacker 830

The Thule® Stacker

Maximize your kayak carrying ability with The stacker. It can hold up to 4 kayaks stacked on their side taking up the least amount of roof space. Quick and easy to install, the Stacker is the most economical option.

Thule Hull-a-Port Pro and Hull-a-Port Areo

ThuleHullAPortThese premium vertical carriers  combine maximum strength and protection with greater versatility by folding down when not in use. Sturdy and easy to use and fold away, they offer stable platform to lash down your boat or board.

Thule Glide and Set 883

ThuleGlideSetPremium saddle combination guides and sets the kayak for smooth loading, unloading and transportation

  • Rear-mounted Hydro-Glide felt lined saddles guide kayak and provide low friction loading/unloading.
  • Front-mounted Set-to-Go™  form fitting saddles grip the surface of the hull for increased lateral stability and protection
  • Integrated rubber pads protect the hull and help hold the kayak in place for transportation
  • Carries 1 kayak and requires 1 person to load and unload

Thule Hullavator Pro 898


The Thule® Hullavator

Raising the bar (literally) for lift-assist carriers, the Hullavator reduces up to 40 lbs. of a kayak’s weight and allows side of vehicle loading.

    • Gas-assist struts lift and lower 40lbs of the kayaks weight allowing only one person to load and unload the kayak
    • Load and unload kayaks at waist level, at the side of the vehicle for greater convenience and safety
    • Double extending arms lower the kayak up to 40” for faster loading and unloading
    • Corrosion-resistant kayak cradles expand to fit wide kayaks.
    • 8 touch points of padded support for maximum protection for your kayak
    • Aluminum, double coated steel construction for corrosion resistance delivers a longer product life
    • Includes all straps to transport 1 kayak
    • Accommodates kayaks up to 36” wide and 75 lbs