Strategic Angler Custom Lures

When nothing but the best matters!

Strategic1Goose Hummock Shop is proud to be the newest dealer for Strategic Angler Custom Lures. These are the best, most lifelike lures on the market.

In continuing the pursuit of perfection, Strategic Angler custom lures needed to create the perfect body that could withstand the rigors of even bigger, toothier fish.  This new body needed to achieve this without compromising the swimming action and finish.  Due to increased demand and obvious health reasons from pouring two part chemicals, Strategic Angler teamed up with a thermoplastics company in the United States and moved its blank production out-of house.  This partner company uses specialized equipment and has the production capabilities to create the company’s proprietary blanks.

After months of prototyping with key design changes, Strategic Angler custom lures has now upgraded all their lure bodies with a solid core high impact injection molded plastic.  The stainless steel hardware is also incorporated during the injection process, creating one of the strongest lures available on the market strong enough to resist body fractures during normal use and body rot.

These lures have to seen to be believed. The detail in them is unsurpassed. The action and look in the water makes them irresistible to fish. Once you fish these lures, you’ll be hooked.

Take a look…