Fall Fishing Is Here

Labor Day is over and fall is just about here. The weather will start to cool down some, the days are shorter, and we are waiting for winter. This does not mean the fishing has slowed up any. In fact it may even get better.

090915-HapFarrellBluesThis time of the fishing season schools of bluefish will gather right outside Rock Harbor. They will, at times, move up towards the Sunken Meadow area and even to the Channel leading to Welfleet Harbor. Sometimes the North Edge of Billingsgate Shoals will hold some bluefish and maybe even some striped bass. However, this season the stripers in this area have not been around much. The last time we had any amount of striped bass near Rock Harbor was three weeks ago when they were just off the Brewster Flats in 25 to 30 feet of water. They have since disappeared. 

The bluefish have been active in our area. If not in by the Old Target Ship they have been just outside Great Island and up towards the Path. These bluefish have been fairly large with some weighing up to 14 to 15 pounds. The single hootchie lure is what is working the best. Either on mono or 200 feet of wire and trolled at around 6 knots. At times we’ve seen schools on the surface with birds around them so you can also plug for them which is a lot of fun and great action. This should stay this way deep into the fall meaning the beginning of October.

The striped bass are in two areas. The first being P-town. A few stripers have been caught up there underneath the bluefish. Right at Wood End there has been a large school of bluefish with the bass under it. If you can get your lures under the bluefish you might come up with a nice size striper. The second and more productive area is the West Bar down by Barnstable Harbor. Here, the stripers move in and out of the area. They will show up just as the tide is coming in. Either just west of the Bell or down by the Parking Lot. They will move up and down the shore line and then disappear for a while. Some days they don’t show up at all. As the fall goes on the stripers will become more regal in their appearance.

The two areas which are best to look for fish in the Bay are along the Eastham shore and up towards Welfleet Harbor for the bluefish. For the striper is the West Bar down by Barnstable Harbor. The single hootchie will work for both fish. Jigging down on the West Bar works well also.

This week I have two fishermen of the week. George Best and Jacksion Felt. Both these young men showed expert handling of the tackle given them and were able to handle the fish with ease. In both cases we fished for the big bluefish that are on our end of the Bay. Jacksion and his mother Brandi Felt were outside by Henderson’s Rock off Great Island using the single Hootchie on light tackle. While George and his father Charles Best fished just off the Eastham shore about even with the cell phone tower. In both cases they landed bluefish well over the 12 pound range and many more than just one fish.

If you’d like to get in on some good end of the season fishing call me at 508-240-8267. If there are just a few of you and would not mind fishing with others you can call me or the Booth at 508-255-9757 and leave a message. Roxanne will get back to you to help you get out fishing.

Capt. Hap Farrell