Cape Cod Classics

The new kids in town


By Goose Hummock Pro Staffer Keith Prodgers

Keith, putting one of the new Cape Cod Classics to the test.

In 2014 the Goose Hummock Shop introduced the Cape Cod Classic series of rods. These rods are specifically designed to address all popular and productive fishing styles and techniques used by successful Cape Cod anglers. This broad scope includes models well suited for salt water as well as those that allow the angler to take advantage of the excellent freshwater fishing that Cape Cod has to offer. With the help of Goose Hummock’s expert staff the angler can explore all that the Cape Cod Classics have to offer and choose the best rod for their specific needs.

Cape Cod is home to some of the best freshwater fishing in the Northeast. The Cape Cod Classic freshwater rods cover the needs of all anglers, from novices to avid freshwater fishermen. The state of Massachusetts stocks thousands of trout in both the spring and fall in several ponds on Cape Cod. The 5’6 foot light freshwater model is perfect for targeting these hard fighting cool-water species. With the optimum lure weight range from 1/16 to 1/4 ounces the rod is equally suited for casting a variety of lures as well as Power Bait, night crawlers and shiners. The Cape Cod Classic freshwater line also includes a 6-foot model covering lure ranges from 1/8 to 3/8 ounce. This rod is light enough to enjoy a hard fighting trout and heavy enough for your bass and pickerel fishing applications. Both models feature quality reel seats, cork handles and durable guide sets.

For the last several years large schools of striped bass have congregated off the coast of Chatham to feed on schools of sandeels. The most effective method for targeting these fish has been to fish small diamond jigs in depths of 30-70 feet of water. The Cape Cod Classic 6’6” jigging rod is designed specifically to fish this pattern. Lightweight with the soft tip action needed to impart the desired action to the diamond jig, this jigging rod has proven to be a must-have for anglers. The 7 foot version, offered in both medium and medium/heavy, is a great all around rod for fishing lures and live eels. The Cape Cod Classic boat spinning rods are built tough with EVA foam handles and triple foot guides for durability.

Fishing with wire line has been a staple for many years and has been proven effective for targeting striped bass feeding on the bottom. Cape Cod charter captains and recreational anglers have honed their wire line fishing techniques after years of practice. They demand a high quality and durable wire rod that allows them to implement these techniques consistently. The Cape Cod Classic wire rods come in two 6’6” models with two different actions. The medium/heavy model is well suited for lighter weight jigs and umbrella rigs. A heavy power rod is also available for the angler who requires a wire rod with a little more backbone.  Both wire rods use carbide guides and quality reel seats to withstand the stress of fishing with stainless steel wire line.

Goose Hummock Shop, with input from local fishermen, is proud to offer the Cape Cod Classic series of rods. Never before has a local tackle shop put together a comprehensive family of rods to address all the angler’s needs. Cape Cod Classic rods are constructed with quality components from the lightest freshwater rod to the heaviest saltwater models. With our ability to produce these rods to our own specifications we are also able to offer them to the angler at an unbeatable price. Come by the shop and let our expert staff guide you in choosing the Cape Cod Classic rod that meets your specific needs.