Epic Fall Tuna

By Capt. Bobby Rice, Reel Deal Fishing Charters
(Top picture, Capt. Bobby Rice with this father Bobby Rice, Sr. and his Birthday catch)

bobby-rice-tuna-fishing-dads-birthday - 3
Capt. Bobby helping William Goldsmith, in yellow, deploy satellite data tags on tuna.

Recent fishing for bluefin tuna off Cape Cod provides some fairly epic results! Tuna are present from the fishing ledge to Marconi (including Stellwagen Bank), so be ready to travel and stay keen for actively working birds. With time, patience and a good communication network, you are very likely to get into an active school of fish ranging in size from 40 inches to giants. Live bait using bluefish, whiting or mackerel or vertically jigging RonZs with Van Staal spinning gear offers consistent hook-ups! I was also very fortunate this week to have tagging scientist William Goldsmith on board Reel Deal II, who deployed several satellite tags gathering data for important research being conducted on the bluefin tuna fishery. Get your gear ready over the next few days of wind and then it is game on once again!

~Capt. Bobby Rice

Photo courtesy of fishreeldeal.com

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