Marty “WAHOONBOX” Hiatt to speak at Bash


Marty Hiatt
MartyHiatt1Marty Hiatt (a.k.a “WAHOONBOX“) is the man behind the popular “Welcome to My World” Youtube video series.
Marty has over 35 years in the cockpit of many sport fishing boats and has fished well over 200 Bluewater offshore tournaments. He is a writer, hunter, professional mate, creator of “WAHOONBOX” video personality, and fishing guru.
Marty burst onto the scene with his “Welcome to My World” instructional videos and fishing highlights. His highly aggressive approach to the offshore industry ranks him as one of the top “in the box” charter boat meat producers on the east coast.
Known for his innovative ideas in bait rigging and his originality with his planer rod system (nicknamed “Death from Above”), Marty has established himself as one of the true innovators in the offshore fishing world.
He has been working the cockpit of the NC charter boat “Runoff” since 2003. Billfish, Giant Bluefin Tuna, Wahoo, and Mahi are his passions and he is here to share his world.
MartyHiatt2Marty will bring a whole new dimension of offshore bait-rigging to the Bluewater Bash; you definitely do not want to miss this. His techniques and innovations are industry leading and his sense of humor makes his presentations second to none. You will learn a ton of new techniques that will help you catch more fish, whether at the canyons or inshore for Bluefin.

We are very excited to add him to our line up for this year. We are working on the itinerary and we will be adding many new topics and speakers and it will be up on our website shortly. or Call 508-255-0455 for tickets and more info.

Now here’s Marty himself…