Fall Bird Season Is Here!

TurkeyWell, it’s finally here. Fall Bird Season. We’ve all been watching the leaves turn, feeling the temps drop and observing all of the signs that Autumn is in full swing. Sure signs that bird hunting season has come. Pulling out our camouflage gear and checking our waders for leaks, brushing up on our turkey and duck calls (it’s not like riding a bike, you do have to practice) and getting our firearms and ammo cleaned, lubed and ready to go. All the things we’ve been doing in excited anticipation for the big day has been done and we’re ready to hunt.

Fall turkey hunting is different from the Spring hunt. The hours you can hunt are the same, one half hour before sunrise and you must stop one half hour before sunset. In the Spring the birds are bigger and on edge causing them to move around a lot. Making them easy to find and call to you. In the Fall, the birds tend to be on the small side and usually flock together more. You will have to be a little more clever to attract the birds then you would in the Spring. They will be moving around a lot so your old spots might not be as active as before, some scouting may be needed. The “Scatter & Call” method: Basically, you find a flock and sneak up to them. Once close enough, run into the center yelling and waving your arms to scatter the birds. Take up station in the center of the scatter area and wait for things to quiet down.  As the birds start calling one another to regroup, use your calls to draw the birds to you. Find A Roost: This method entails doing some recon and finding a roosting spot. Go out just before sun up and park your self under the roost and wait for daybreak. As the birds come down from the trees they will be calling each other. Again, use your calls to draw them to you.

102015-EiderDuckWhile water fowl hunting you may see and bag any of the following: Eider Duck, Black Duck, Brant, Geese, Bufflehead, Merganser, Scaulp, Golden Eye, and a wide variety of puddle ducks depending on where you hunt or the given day. Blinds and marsh stands should be checked and repaired and ready to go. Check your boots and waders to make sure they are in good condition still keep you dry. Firearms and ammunitions cleaned and inventoried and ready to go. (See gun cleaning products below)

For more information, please refer to the MassWildLife Migratory Bird Regulations for 2015-2016 Season HERE


Getting your ducks in a row (so to speak)

Calls and Decoys

Calls2CALL OF THE WILD: Get your duck and turkey calls out and in order. Test them to make sure the are all still in good condition and in working order. Practice them around the house if you need to, you can always use a little brushing up on the different calls and the members of your household will love you for the additional entertainment, trust us. The Goose Hummock has plenty of box, slate and diaphragm turkey calls and duck calls by PRIMOS, Knight & Hale, Quaker Boy, Flextone, Duel and Duck Commander.

Decoys1DECOYS: The Goose has a wide variety of decoys to choose from. Strutters, Gobblers, Jakes, Fan Tails, Breeder Hens and Lookout Hens by PRIMOS. Multiple body postures, fantastic feather details and no-chip paint jobs decoys so life like they will be hard to distinguish from the real birds. They are collapsible and fit easily into your vest or pack with not damage to the plumage.

GunCleaning2KEEP IT CLEAN: No matter what you hunting sport, the care of your firearm is crucial to keeping it in safe working order. The Goose Shooting GunCleaning1Sports Department has Solvents, Lubricants, Gun Flush, Breech-to-Muzzle Cleaning Kits, Cleaning Rods, Brushes, Pads and much more by Frog Lube, Birchwood/Casey, Otis, Gunslick, Hoppe’s, Gun Protect, Kleen Bore and Pro Shot.