Introducing the 2016 PRIME Rize

PrimeRizeCamoPRIME Archery is excited to announce its all new bow, the Rize! The Rize, which will be the flagship bow of the PRIME series for 2016, is the result of combining the most accurate system possible with the ultimate shot experience and has set new heights in the archery world!

PRIME’s main goal has always been accuracy and accuracy is increased by the stiffness of the riser. The new 82X aluminum increases the rigidity of the bow while keeping it at 4.2 pounds. The new design produces some amazing numbers; 33.25 ATA, 6.75″ brace height, 335 Fps IBO and max limb poundages of 40, 50, 60 and new for this year, 65 & 70 pound.

Quite, fast and accurate, the Rize is built strong. Easy to tune, it is great to shoot right out of the box. But don’t take our word for it, check out what some of the Pros are saying about this bow and then go discover it for yourself at The Goose Hummock!

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