Repairing your Squid Bars & Spreaders

TunaGear3School is out, the throngs of tourists are starting to arrive and the weather is heating up. That can mean only one thing…Tuna Time!

If you have put it off as long as you can (bad angler!), it’s time to show your gear a little TLC. Last summer was the “Bite of the Decade” for tuna and if you were out there, chances are your squid bars and spreaders have taken a beating. Tuna, Mahi and Bluefish can wreak havoc on line and squids, even just packing and unpacking or dragging them over the backs of whale and all kinds of other hazards can tear them up. Let’s not even talk about how you stowed them away for the winter. Nicks in the line can mean lost fish. There are options other than buying all new bars. They can be saved.

CrimpingAs Goose Hummock Offshore Pro Staffer Danny Jones says, “It can be tedious. There are a lot of crimps, swivels, teasers and line to check. Most people just don’t have the time or equipment to do the little repairs that need to be done to keep their bars in shape. This time of year we can make most repairs while the customer waits.”

So, if you are heading out for some early summer tuna action, give your bars a quick once over before you head out. Feel the lines. Are there nicks from blues and mahi which will cause line snaps? Are your bars bent? Are swivels frozen or bent? Is your stinger gone? You’ve got better things to do, let us get your gear back in shape. Danny can replace your damaged teasers, stingers, lines and swivels and get you back on the water. Don’t let neglect cost you a keeper.