Taking it “Big EZ” with Pau Hana



BigEZSAMPLEThe Big EZ is designed for absolute stability for riders big and small in all types of water. The Big EZ is tough and durable and remains stable in all types of water conditions, which results in a positive experience from the first ride to the last. Because the board is so versatile, ocean paddling, surfing, river running, cruising, yoga, and fishing, there is always a reason to keep it around. It can be ridden single or tandem, with a pet or child, in the ocean, lake, river, bay, or marina.


  • Stable for riders big and small
  • Easy to navigate and maneuver in any type of water
  • Tough and durable to last through the years
  • A great board for both beginners and experienced riders
  • Brushed deck pad for a comfortable grip

Are you a little harder on your boards then the Average Joe? Then check out the new Big EZ Ricochet.

The ideal solution for a punishing environment.  Ricochet is a new impact-resistant technology designed to armor boards from rocks, paddles, and striking blows.  Years in the making, the specially formulated membrane is integrated into the fiberglass construction of the board.  The result of this technique is a lightweight, traditionally finished board, that’s tough as nails.

The high volume Big EZ, integrated SeaMount™ System, and Ricochet™  technology make this model an exceptional board for rental and tour operators.  Nocqua lights can easily and quickly be installed with thumb screws via SeaMount making the board ready for night tours.  The addition of and Electra Fin can add power for hands free propulsion and the durability of Ricochet eliminates repairs and extends the usable life of the unit for multiple seasons. Best of all, the high quality and attractive design of the board sets it apart and adds a higher perceived value to any livery operation.