How to choose a Cart to Help Your Haul

Easy Does It

By Steve Cole,Suspenz®

072316-SUPCART2So you have a Kayak, Canoe or an SUP, so how do you move it around without breaking your back.  The answer is easy use a cart but now can come the confusing part, which cart to buy.  The different types of carts are, center carts, end carts and some carts made for specific type boat and SUP’s.  Let’s explore each type of cart. 

The Center Cart is the most popular and I think the best all-round cart on the market.  There are 2 types of center carts the most common is the aluminum folding cart, this cart fits most boats, is easy mount and when used correctly works great.  When I say used correctly I mean mounting the cart in the center of the boat and securing it with two cinch straps.  Things to look for in a quality folding cart: Aluminum frame, non-marring rubber pads (if the cart you are looking at has foam pads they can cut, split and just fall apart), Stainless Steel Hardware and the number one thing to look for is airless “no flat” wheels.

The second type of center cart is the large bicycle wheeled heavy duty cart.  This is a great cart for larger boats, family’s that what to carry everything in one trip, canoes, John Boats…they hold up to 300lbs.  These carts are bullet proof with only a few draw backs.  One they are much heavier than the folding aluminum cart and lastly they are larger and do not fold as small.  Since these hold the boat with pads traveling with along the boat you only need one strap.  When looking for a Heavy Duty cart make sure it has Airless Wheels.             

The End Cart is a good way to move a boat.  The end cart is easy to use, you just slide the cart onto one end of the boat from 12”-24” about 1/4 of the boat,  attach a strap and off you go.  They are faster to put on and take off the boat than the other cart here is the only drawback.  Unlike the center cart which holds all the weight with the end cart you need to hold some of the weight, it varies but not less than 50% of the load and can be as high as 70% of the load.  When looking for an End Cart look for Aluminum frame, Stainless Steel Hardware and like for all carts Airless Wheels.     

SOT Carts are for Sit-on-Top kayaks that have scupper holes.  This cart is easy to use, once the scupper post on the cart are adjusted to the proper width all you need to do is insert the scupper port into the scupper holes in the kayak flip the boat over and away you go.  Only drawback is this cart only works with boats that have scupper so if you change boats or have multiple boats this cart might not work on all them.  Look for the same things Stainless hardware and Airless wheels.

072316-SUPCARTSUP carts are new to the market in the past few years.  The come in a few styles in which you can transport the board vertical or horizontal.  Both ways work great and are easy to use.  When looking for an SUP cart just like all the other carts get airless wheels, it will just make life so much easier.