Hitting the Bars

…And making a Splash

TUNA-0716-TunaPinkFEATUREAre you ready for the GIANTS? The tuna bite has been going off in a big way, and if last year was any indication, things could stay hot well into the fall. One of the tried and true methods of landing the big pelagics is on Splash Bars. Take if from an expert, Capt. Eric Stewart, Goose Hummock Business Development Manager, former owner of The Hook-Up and host of The Goose Hummock’s Offshore Bluewater Bash stated “In the last 10 seasons we have trolled up over 1800 bluefin tuna with the vast majority of them coming on splash bars.”  So, if you are thinking of heading to the Canyons, The Dump, Stellwagen or any where offshore looking for tuna, The Goose has the bars and can get you rigged up.

CrimpingOur Offshore Department can help you choose splash bars “off the rack” in a variety of shapes and colors so you can get on the water right away. Danny and his team can also custom rig bars for you in any colors in the rainbow or combinations to develop your own “secret weapon”.

Not able to make it into the store? Here are a few of the bars available on our E-Commerce site, TheMightyFish.com. Click on any image to visit the page for each item.

The Hawk Series 42″ Splash Bar

SplashBars-HawkSeriesThis new splash bar features a 13″ PlayAction “Hawk” Splash Bird built on a 42″ Titanium Bar. With nine 13″ tube squid and a 17″ Stinger this rig is really going to get their attention. Of course all of our spreader bars feature a 300 lb test Jinkai mainline and quality Stainless Steel Hooks.


  • Available in 6 different colors
  • 42” Titanium bar
  • Nine tube squid

The Hawk Series 42″ Splash Bar UNRIGGED

SplashBars-HawkSeriesUnriggedThe 13″ PlayAction bird is built on the titanium bar. It is a big offering with lots of splash and floatation. You can run these big splash bars W-A-Y B-A-C-K and they will not sink or lose their action.


  • 42″ Titanium Bar
  • 13″ PlayAction Splash Bird
  • Six different colors
  • Unrigged

“Mad Macks” Splash Bars

SplashBars-MadMacks36″ and 18″ MAD MACKS Splash Bars – This is a great looking addition to our line of splash Bars. The mackerel styled squids are matched by a compilmentary splash bird that is “built on the titanium bar”. This pattern has proven itself already!


  • Available in 18” and 36”





“Jack” Splash Bar

SplashBars-Jacks“If you’re not catching fish, you probably don’t know JACK”. All of our Splash Bars are built on Play Action Titanium Bird Bars with the bird built on the bar. The quality tube squid are made in the USA. The mainline is 300 lb test Jinkai and features a detachable stinger.


  • Black and Orange
  • Available in 18in and 36in

18″ Smacker Splash Bar

SplashBars-SmackerThese Splash Bars are made with hardhead “smacker” squids. Slow troll it for Bluefin Tuna off of Cape Cod or high speed troll in in the canyons or anywhere in the world for that matter!


  • 18″ Titanium Bar
  • 300 lb Jinkai mainline and a quality SS Hook