The Mighty Fish Films

TMF-FishOnlyNot to be outdone by the “Big Fishing Shows” on TV, some of the guys here at The Goose, namely Jake and Nick, have formed The Mighty Fish Films to showcase some of the fishing holes around Cape Cod, as well as reviewing different Tackle and Techniques. They have logged many hours on the water, highlighting some of the great spots and products available from the fishing store. Some of the time, there’s no plan, just a bunch of fun on the water. The gang will take you fishing freshwater ponds by kayak and SUP, testing different lures for Largemouth Bass, and even taking some of the Wounded Warriors out for some Tuna. Enjoy these great videos and stay tuned for more.

Check out some of the videos below…

The Mighty Fish Films are Back!

Tuna Time with The Mighty Fish

TMF Films Fishes with the Wounded Warriors

TMFF: Reggae Night in the Lobster Pots!

TMFF: Tuna Fishing At The Dump!