Fall Reel Tune Up Time


Slide007It’s been a great year of fishing so far, with still some good times to come, but a lot of us will soon be thinking about stowing away our gear for the season. Don’t pack those reels away untouched and expect them to be ready to fish in the Spring. Give them the TLC they need before you put them down for the winter. Reels aren’t made like they used to, what is? But most reels can last 5-8 years if given the proper care. Protect your investment.

You have an investment in your rods and reels and you need to take care of them. There is nothing worse then having Spring roll in and the fish show up only to be told that your reel won’t be ready for 3 weeks. You often hear, “They don’t make’m like they used to.” You are correct! They don’t. Reels nowadays are made to last 5-8 years with the proper servicing. Proper servicing does not mean slapping some grease on the gears and packing it away. It means completely dissembling and reassembling using the proper lubricants and replacement parts. Team Goose Head R&R Repair Guru, Larri Potts is here in house to help you with your gear. Drop them off as soon as you are done for the season and be ready for the Spring.