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Tsunami & Maxel have new gear to help you kill it on the water

With the advent of new materials and technology, rods and reels are changing all of the time. Sometimes the changes are not as good as the predecessors, and sometimes they blow them out of the water. This is the case with the Tsunami ShieldTM Spinning Reels and the Maxel Platinum Jigging Rods, both are sure to be your new go-to tools for producing an active season on the water.

Tsunami ShieldTM Spinning Reels

Your New Favorite Reel

TSSHD 5000
TSSHD 5000

   Saltwater can be a double edged sword!  It’s in our blood and it’s what fuels our passion to keep searching for that next trophy.  But, it is also the great enemy of fishing tackle.

   The unique Tsunami SHIELD™ series of Salt Water Proof spinning reels feature up to 13 internal seals in key, strategic locations to shield critical components from harmful saltwater intrusion.  The internal seals, super smooth and strong CF3™ carbon fiber drag system and 5 sealed stainless steel bearings are wrapped in a hybrid machined aluminum body combining protection, precision and toughness.   The heavy-duty rotor brake controlled bail system and precision machined aluminum, braid-ready spool assure the best control of super braids cast after long cast.

   The 3000 and 4000 SHIELD models contain 11 strategically located internal seals for years of reliable use with minimal maintenance.   The 5000 and 6000 Shield reels contain 13 various internal seals at all of the locations where salt water could reasonably be expected to penetrate the reel for even greater protection in these larger reels.   Hybrid all metal construction includes precision machined aircraft aluminum and tempered aluminum precision stampings and heavy duty protective anodizing to keep these reels operating up to factory specifications year after year.  The combination of these top-notch designs and precisely mated components are what make the Tsunami SHIELD™ spinning reels an all new contender for your favorite reel for years to come!

Shield internel from Goose Hummock Shops on Vimeo.


Maxel Platinum Jigging Rods

Your Best Bet for Cape Cod Jigging

Maxel Platinum Rod MPJ56XH
Maxel Platinum Rod MPJ56XH

   It would be difficult to find a custom built rod to out-spec and out-perform the Maxel Platinum Jigging Rods. 

   Proprietary, integrated multidirectional layering of the 100% pure carbon fiber construction delivers light weight, exceptional hoop strength and power from the unique high leverage blank length.  External, high modulus carbon tape “X” cross wrap increases strength and fine tunes blank action for extraordinary lifting power in a light weight, slim profile rod.  With models rated for 30 to 50 pound test (M) to 65 to 130 pound test (XH) braided lines, there is a Platinum series rod for any jigging or bait fishing application.

   Only the best genuine FUJI® components such as graphite Palming reel seats with Back Stop™ locks for secure reel hold and braid proof, Alconite ring “K” frame guides assure that the Platinum series rods are braid ready and can handle a wide variety of high performance star or lever drag reels.  Durable, sculptured, lightweight EVA grips and tough, epoxy coated guide wraps fill out the custom quality specs of these extraordinary rods.

   Each Maxel Platinum Series Jigging rod is supplied with a fitted vinyl case and is covered by a Three Year Limited Warranty.

Tsunami carbon shield from Goose Hummock Shops on Vimeo.