Taking to the Air

Using Kites to Fish for Tuna

Capt. Brett Wilson, Hindsight Sportfishing

Kite Fishing - Fig 1 - Stainless Ring 2When properly using a kite, you want to make sure that you have the appropriate kite for wind conditions. When from 8 to 15 knots you want an ultralight SFE wind kite when from 15 to 22 nights is a standard SFE kite that will be fine from winds of 22 knots plus you want to use an SFE 40 Kite.

   You can see from the two pictures you’ll have some options for clips if you choose to use a stainless ring the M2 clip from R&R Tackle is a lightweight alternative for kite fishing the light weight design helps keep the kite line elevated in light wind conditions. Although you can use them and heavier wind it is the light wind that is optimal for the M2. The R2 clip is a nice solution for kite fishing with no ring. You can put as much as 20 pounds of pressure on this clip, so if there’s plenty of wind you can get a nice Hookset through the kite line. The arm is also perpendicular to the travel of your fishing line which is unlike most clips. You can use kites whether your anchored were on a draft. Just keep in mind which way the tide is going when the tide changes you might find your tight off the bow due to the condition.

   If you’re going to use to kites, take a few split charts and creamed them to either the top left or the top right of your kite the more weight you put on them the more of a kite willing to either side play with it a little until you get the feel of it.

Kite Fishing - Diagram