Fall Into Freshwater Fishing

rainbowtroutPutting Some Action In Your Lures

The MassWildlife stocking program adds hundreds of trout to the area ponds in the Spring and Fall. Check out their website for updates.

As the days grow shorter and cooler, many Cape anglers thoughts turn back to the ponds and freshwater fishing. Nothing beats wading out as the sun comes up on the kettle pond with wisps of fog rising from the water, or heading out just before sundown to hit your favorite fishing hole as the fall colors light up the sky. There is a huge selection of fish in the lakes and ponds of the Cape, from small sunfish and pumpkin seeds, to larger trout, pickerel, smallmouth and largemouth bass. They will be on the move and searching for food before the winter sets in. With the cooler temps, many of them will be coming out of their hiding spots around the structures and downed trees to venture into the open. In addition to the fish that have been summering in the pond, the MA Fish & Wildlife Dept. will be starting their Fall Stocking Program in a few weeks, adding large numbers of Rainbows and Browns to the mix. This is the time of year we’ve all been waiting for, the crowds are gone and it’s time to fish.

Goose Manager Dan Jones and a nice “Larry”.

As far as keeping the fish, we always recommend catch and release so that other anglers can enjoy the fishing later and the fish can be left to get bigger. But if you do decide to eat your catch, please be advised. The Massachusetts Department of Public Health (DPH) keeps and maintains a list of waters and advisories for those waters, however there is a statewide advisory for pregnant women, women intending to be pregnant, nursing mothers, and children under the age of 12 to NOT eat any fresh water fish from lakes, ponds, rivers, or streams, other than those stocked by MassWildlife. So that’s pretty much all fish except stocked trout if you fit into that demographic. The major contaminants for this advisory are Mercury and PCB’s. Please consult the MA Department of Public Health for much more information concerning this topic. While this does sound ominous please remember that just because they don’t recommend you eat these fish, you can still go fishing, and it’s absolutely fine to handle the fish. The contaminants are locked up in the tissues so touching them will not harm you. Most people today fish for fun and not for food anyway.*

The Stradic C14+ Spinning Reel

Of course, there is the tried and true, bobber, sinker an worm method. Any light tackle rod and reel set up will work. Something light with 4, 6 or 8 lb. mono, or for those who like braid, use some 8 lb. with a fluorocarbon leader. G-Loomis makes some of the best freshwater rods on the market for crank baits and jigging. One of the go to reels around here is the Stradic C14+ Spinning Reel. Lightweight and designed for the ultra-finesse angler. Shiners and trout worms are your best bet for this. But, if you’re looking for more action in your fishing, we recommend jigs, crank baits, spinners, spoons, plugs and poppers. There’s nothing like watching the water explode when a trout or largemouth hit one of these. Here are a few of the options we have in the store and online at TheMightyFish.com;

Getting Jiggy With It

ronzheadJigs: Jigs are weighed heads with hooks and some sort of tail. This can be feathers, hair, or man-made materials. Shiners, pork rinds or power baits can be add to make them more attractive. These are usually fished from a boat or kayak where you can drop them right on a spot of suspected fish and “jig” them up and down to attract the prey. Ron-Z and Bill Hurley make some really great heads that can be used with soft plastics, worms or pork rinds.

Take Them For A Spin

booyahspinnerSpinners: Spinners have one or more blades that rotate on a shaft to give a fluttering action to the lure. They can be attached to a jig head or stick bait, they may or may not have a natural or man-made tail. The BooYah Blade Spinners with their weighted lure and top blade make them perfect for bouncing across the bottom of the pond. If you are looking for something a little more lifelike, the Yo-Zuri 3DB Prop (below) is a great topwater lure. It’s prop throws water in all directions, attracting more fish. Both of these lures provide more action to your lure to make them that much more inviting.

Making Them Pop

Yo-Zuri 3DS Popper

Poppers: These lures are great for top-water feeding fish such as trout and bass. The cupped or curved face of the lure causes water to be pushed away from the front of the bait, providing a “popping” action. The Yo-Zuri 3DS Popper (below) with its lifelike colors and twin treble hooks makes for a great trout lure, fooling the fish that there is a distressed bait fish on the surface. Frogs are great popping lures as well, looking like a live frog swimming on the surface while providing the same popping action. Spro makes a diverse line of popping frog lures available here in the store.

Spoon Fed

The Thomas Colorado Spoon

Spoons: These are metal lures designed to mimic the action of a swimming minnow. Their ease of use and versatility make them one of the more popular lures out there. They can be made for casting, topwater reeling, jigging or trolling. Different spoons have different colors and actions so it is best to have one of the guys in the shop help you pick the right spoon for the type of fishing you are planning on. Here in the shop we have some great Thomas Boyants, Rooster Tails and Colorado Spoons.

Swimming Along

The Daddy Mac 5″ Viper Minnow

Swim Baits: True to their name, these lures make a swimming motion when reeled in. Sometimes called crankbaits or stickbaits, they can provide an action to the lure that others can not match by simply retrieving the lure. Many will have some sort of blade on the front which will cause them to dive a bit when pulled on, giving some vertical action to the lure in addition to the horizontal reeling motion. The Yo-Zuri 3DB Shad, the 3DS Minnow and the 3DB Pencil are some great examples of these. Some have a neutral buoyancy making them hover just below the surface, stopping when you stop, and suspending in the water while motionless.  The Baker Suspending Jerkbaits (below) are wonderful lures in this category, with many sizes and colors to choose from. One of the most interesting lures to hit the waters lately have been the Daddy Mac Viper lures. These lures are segmented with a Kevlar band holding them together, providing one of the most lifelike representations in the water. You have to see these lures in action to believe them.

Let Team Goose Help

We’re Here: The guys in the shop are all avid anglers on the ponds around the Cape and help you in your rod, reel and lure selections. They may even fill you in on some of the best fishing holes around. We also, as mentioned, have a large selection of live baits to choose from. So, head into the shop, or visit TheMightyFish.com and take advantage of the great Fall Freshwater fishing the Cape has to offer.