Taking Aim At Archery


Early autumn, as the days grow shorter and the leaves begin to turn, is the time to start switching into archery mode. This means dusting off the bow, assessing the condition of arrows, broad heads, optics and rests, and spending time in the field practicing. If you find that your gear has seen better day, is worn, broken or just outdated and you want to upgrade or replace, The Goose Hummock Shooting Department can help. We are authorized PRIME dealers and have a huge selection of PRIME, QUEST and G5 bows and accessories in stock as well as products by Moultrie, Easton, Cobra, Summit, Black Hawk, Wildlife, Code Blue and others. Here are just a few examples of what we have in the showroom.


archeryOut in the field, under less-than-perfect conditions, accuracy can be challenging. Prime’s Advanced Accuracy system compensates with strength, balance, and control to help you overcome adverse field conditions. Their strength reduces flex and torque, giving the bow a stable platform. The strongest riser in the industry. Period. Parallel Cam Technology splits the string and creates 2 tracks, balancing the cam virtually eliminating cam lean. First of its kind. Adjustable flexing cable system reduces cable tension during the shot, greatly reducing torque in the system.


QuestLogoQuest bows are built to do one thing – hunt – because real bowhunters know what to look for in a hunting rig. Quest offers bows that feature ultra-smooth draw cycles, solid back walls, quiet shots and unparalleled accuracy. There is no question, these bows were designed to hunt as hard as you do. The mission of Quest is simple: make great bows for a great price without compromise. They do this by focusing on two areas: Innovation in design and manufacturing allowing them to create bows that perform great that are fun to shoot. Quality and the craftsmanship that they put into Quest is unmatched in the industry. They take the extra steps that others don’t – from holding the tightest tolerances of their parts, to their own Durafuse decorating process, to shooting every bow that they build before it’s shipped. Quality is in every bow that Quest makes.


G5LogoG5 is known for making some of the best accessories in the industry.

BROAD HEADS; The new Havoc Broad heads offer a 2” cutting diameter with their German made stainless steel Lutz blades. Discover the terror of two. The T3 broad head offers three blade design which produces a 1.5” cutting diameter with the spider clip blade retention system there is no need for rubber bands or o-rings.

  • RESTS; The CMAX full containment arrow rest from G5 fits all major brands, and is a must for any serious bow hunter or competitive shooter. The Halo rest is a full containment rest with adjustable launcher arms that can be adjusted to fit any size arrow.
  • QUIVERS; The Head-Loc quiver is designed as a super light weight dampener. Rubber mounting post actually helps dampen your bow. It also comes with a screw in tree mount.
  • PEEPS; Meta Peeps come in 5/16”, 1/4” or 3/16” sizes and have a patented convex interior design that maximizes field of view and light. Machined from a solid piece of 7000 series aluminum, they are made to last.
  • SIGHTS; The Optix XR series floating pin is assembled under tension removing all possible noise and vibration. Using patented smart pin technology, the Optix XR and XR2 allows the hunter to precisely adjust each individual pin without the pin ever deviating from the centerline of  sight.