Helping Haiti

Helping KareDrew Help the Children of Haiti


120617-Xtratuf HaitiThere are people who give back when they can, and then there are those people who make their entire life about giving back. Vivian Tortora and her husband Patrick, (pictured) are these type of people. Having first traveled to Haiti in 1981, Vivian, Pat and friend, Frank Fayne, saw first hand the poverty and hardships that the people of this beautiful island had to endure on a daily basis. Hardest hit were the children. Driven by a desire to help, the three friends, along with a few others launched the KareDrew Haitian Children’s Foundation in 2011. The mission of the foundation is as follows; “To provide assistance for needs that have come to our attention that do not fit into the guidelines of major charitable organizations, focusing support for orphanages, providing access to clean water, food, security, housing, education and health care.”

The orphanages are crowded and under funded. The importance of them can not be stressed enough. KareDrew has been doing their part to help them keep their doors open and their staffs supplied with the essentials needed. Not only are they providing a safe, healthy place for the children, but by doing so, they are keeping them from moving to the city where they would most likely be living on the streets.

120617-Xtratuf Haiti Group copyOne of the aspects of this mission is providing healthy sustainable food for the orphanages. Most jobs outside the urban areas are in farming. Workers are usually allowed to take home part of the crops for their families. Problem is, if you work on a mango farm, you bring home mangos. If you work on a banana farm, you bring home bananas. The farms supported by the KareDrew Foundation grow a myriad of crops from coconuts to bananas to yuka, even raise chickens. This allows the farmers who work on these farms to bring home a well rounded harvest for their labors. The workers and their families live right on the farms and in return for their work, they are able to provide a life for themselves.

120617-Xtratuf Haiti FarmerThis is where the Goose comes in. When we heard about the foundation and their mission, we were able to help Vivian and Pat get 6 pairs of Xtrafuf boots for the workers in the fields. The water proof boots with their heavy soles will be perfect for laboring in the mud and mesquite. Vivian and Pat will take them down themselves in the next few weeks, hopefully the farmers helping with the crops for the kids and be working safer and more comfortably. Thanks to them for their work and to the KareDrew Foundation for being there to help too.

If you would like to know more about the KareDrew Haitian Children’s Foundation, please visit their website at