Daddy Mac Viper Eels

Versatile and Deadly

Screen Shot 2018-03-23 at 10.02.44 AMdaddymac (1)When the Daddy Mac Viper Eels hit the market they took the fishing world by storm. No other lure had the life like motion and profile that this one does. Now that anglers have had time to fish these babies, many different uses have been discovered.

Not only does it work as an amazing swim bait, producing a realistic action as you cast and retrieve, but you can vertical jig it as well with fantastic results. The weighted head leads the lure down as the jointed body produces the action of a reel eel. Stripers love this lure. And, with the strength of the Kevlar, even big tuna have been landed using them.

Daddy Mac Viper Eel 12”, 9″ and 6″ Lures are made of ABS hard plastic and are connected by Kevlar to produce a truly lifelike swimming action. The Kevlar also is very absorbent, making it very effective for applying scent to your lure. Fast sinking, and has an internal rattle to attract fish. 3D eyes, reflective durable finish in Natural Brown, Raven Black and Green Mackerel.