Spring Fishing for Hold Overs

Using the Tony Stetzko Teaser

tonystetzcoTony Stetzko was legendary in the fishing community but he paid that no mind. He cared about fishing. He loved to fish. Ask him a story about his latest catch and you would see his eyes light up like that of a kid as he excitedly began his tale. He didn’t consider himself a legend, even though for decades he would regularly catch 50 and 60 pound fish, culminating in his landing of Bertha, one of the largest surf caught bass ever caught, weighing in at 73 pounds, which held the national record for many years. In 2015 we lost Tony but his legend lives on.

After years of fishing and countless nights wading into the surf, Tony developed his own method to catch stripers. This is know to locals as the Tony Stetzko Teaser, utilizing a needle fish on one leader and a saltwater fly on a shorter leader. This set up works so well they often result in two fish being reeled in at the same time. Here is Ryan Collins from My Fishing Cape Cod to explain the rig and how it can be used to land hold-over bass.