The Goose also stocks a full line of shooting accessories, including the full line of Scent Killer products.
Accessories also available for your best hunting buddy.

The Goose Hummock for years has been known as the premier source for the most complete selection of new, used, consignment firearms, archery and accessories.
We want your used firearms, knives or military collectibles…for purchase or consignment!

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Are You Protected?

We all love it here on Cape Cod and the Northeast in general. Unfortunately salt, dirt, humidity and moisture are a part of our world and a constant threat to your firearms. Gun Protect products use technology and science to protect your firearms and ammunition on a molecular level. Check out this video to understand more on how it works. The Goose Hummock is an authorized Gun Protect dealer.

Upcoming Firearms Safety Classes

There are currently no classes scheduled at this time. Please check back soon for upcoming classes.

Goose Hummock Firearm Instruction Classes

The course consists a one hour classroom session (from approximately 9a.m.-1p.m.) plus about 2 hours of additional range time.

Our NRA Basic Pistol Course includes classroom and range time structured around safe handling of firearms and learning to shoot revolvers and semi-automatic pistols. Classes will be limited in size to insure ample student/instructor interaction.

Students are taught:

  •NRA’s three rules for safe gun handling 

  •Different types of firearms 

  •Firearm parts 

  •How to load and unload revolvers and semi-automatic pistols 

  •Ammunition components 

  •Range rules and etiquette  

  •Proper grip, stance, sight alignment, breath control, and trigger squeeze.

  •Shooting from a bench rest position 

  •Two handed standing position 

  •Cleaning and care of firearms 

  •Transportation of firearms

  •Safe storage of firearms in the home 

  •Basic Massachusetts Firearm Laws 

  •Massachusetts LTC/FID licensing process 

Upon completion of the course, students will receive a Massachusetts State Police Basic Firearms Safety Certificate which is valid for a LTC or FID in Massachusetts