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Repairing your Squid Bars & Spreaders

The winter is here, now is the time we all hunker down for the long haul and look for projects to keep us busy until the fishing starts up again. One thing you can do is take inventory of your…

120617-Helping Haiti

Helping Haiti

Helping KareDrew Help the Children of Haiti There are people who give back when they can, and then there are those people who make their entire life about giving back. Vivian Tortora and her husband Patrick, (pictured) are these type of…

112817-Gift Ideas

Holiday Shopping Ideas from The Goose

Let the Goose help with your gift shopping this year Whether it is in the store on online, The Goose Hummock has been supplying New England with top notch hunting, fishing, camping and other outdoor sports gear for over seven decades….


2014 Contender 39ST

Yachtworld ID: 3154606 (LINK) $340,000 Call John at 508-255-0455 Powered by triple Yamaha 350hp engines, the Contender 39ST is a rocket ship on water. With a standard 500-gallon fuel tank capacity, you’re boundaries won’t be limited by range. Get there fast, get…


Upcoming Events

Check out the Holi-Daily Deals at TheMightyFish.com Can’t make it into the store? We can help. Jump over to TheMightyFish.com, our online store, where you can get all kinds of fishing, kayaking and outdoor gear shipped right to you. While…


Hunting the Rut

Looking for a mate The rut, or the time of year when bucks will leave their late-summer/early fall home territory to seek a prospective mate, is an exciting time of year. Some bucks will stay close to home but be…

110217-Stowing Gear

Stowing your gear away for the winter

Winter prep Commercial Tuna season will open again December 1st, but it won’t be open for long. If you are planning of packing your gear away before then, or just a heads up for when you do, Goose owner Phil…

102617-Brett Feature

Safely Releasing Tuna

With the closure of the commercial season and the window for trophy fish being shut, it is very important to know how to safely release a tuna. Our own Capt. Chris Nashville sat down with Capt. Brett Wilson of Hindsight Sportfishing to pick up on the…


Cape Cod Fishing Report for Oct. 26

It’s that time of week again. Time for Capt. Chris Nashville to bring us up to speed on the fishing around the waters of Cape Cod. Also, don’t miss Capt. Brett Wilson’s video on how to Safely Releasing Tuna at the following link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LIg47Loy8ic&feature=youtu.be