The Mighty Fish Films are back!

Jake and the guys from The Mighty Fish Films are back with a new video, this one of Jake landing a 5 pound Larry. Take a look.  


Cape Cod Fishing Report for July 21, 2016

THE BLUEFIN ARE HERE!! And Capt. Eric is here to tell you all about it. The skipper is back with this week’s installment of the Goose Hummock’s Cape Cod Fishing Report. Don’t miss it!


Mighty Fish Closeouts

Our online store,, is having some great Close Out Deals. Since we launched our store a few month ago, Goose Hummock has shipped hundreds of items world wide. More and more items are built into the system everyday. From…



By Capt. Bruce Peters, Capeshore Charters  Hi Folks, It is a bountiful ocean we all fish in, and I am grateful for the opportunity to see it every day. I am grateful that I have found an occupation in which…


4 Tips for Camping with Your Dog

Camping is a great way to connect with the outdoors and unwind, and with a little planning you can bring your most loyal pal along with you on all your adventures: even on kayaking or canoe trips! James Penswick & his…


Jackson Fishing Kayaks

  The Goose Hummock Outdoor Center is proud to now carry Jackson Fishing Kayaks, some of the best new kayaks on the market. Jackson Kayak was founded in 2003 by Eric Jackson and Tony Lunt. Currently located in Sparta, Tenn.,…


Taking it “Big EZ” with Pau Hana

  The Big EZ is designed for absolute stability for riders big and small in all types of water. The Big EZ is tough and durable and remains stable in all types of water conditions, which results in a positive…


Catching & Cooking Blue Crab

How to Catch a Blue Crab All along the southern Cape Cod coast, there are dozens of places and opportunities to catch a limit (25 crabs per day, if you are lucky) blue crab for supper. It has to be…


The Goose Clearance Tent is OPEN!

The Goose Hummock is pleased to announce the return of our Clearance Tent! Set up in out front parking lot, the Tent is a great place to find odd-lot and discontinued items marked up to 50% OFF. Clothing, Line, Tackle,…


Pond Fishing on Cape Cod

Touring the Sweet Waters of Brewster By Team Goose Manager Dan Jones Though Cape Cod has over 360 ponds to choose from, I want to focus specifically on some of my favorite ponds in Brewster, where I live year-round. Brewster…