Fall Fishing Is Here

Labor Day is over and fall is just about here. The weather will start to cool down some, the days are shorter, and we are waiting for winter. This does not mean the fishing has slowed up any. In fact…


Late Summer Catch

Hi Folks !     Last Friday I had the best striped bass fishing of the whole year ! It was like the reports of the fishing off Provincetown at the beginning of this season. Its true that as a whole,…


Marine Safety Equipment

Boating today is safer then it has ever been. Boats rarely sink, but accidents and bad weather do happen. When they do, the ocean can be a very inhospitable environment. There is a wide variety of items that Goose Hummock…


False Albies Are Here!

Like the days getting shorter and the nights getting cooler, one of the sure signs that Summer is winding down is the appearance of False Albacore Tuna. False Albies, also known as Little Tunny or Fat Albert, are all business….


One Fish, Two Fish, Here’s to Bluefish!

Every year it’s the same thing; where are the stripers? They move in, they move out. Sometimes they’re off the Race, other times they are in the Rips. Are they just off Chatham or out in the deep?  One thing that is…


Strategic Angler Custom Lures

When nothing but the best matters! Goose Hummock Shop is proud to be the newest dealer for Strategic Angler Custom Lures. These are the best, most lifelike lures on the market. In continuing the pursuit of perfection, Strategic Angler custom…


Team Goose Heads Offshore

Team Goose set out into a Southeast breeze, which slowed us to a steady 35 knots enroute to Hydro which was reporting a great temperature break of 70 to 78 degrees. We arrived on the scene at about 8pm to…