Looking to Buy a Kayak?

Now is a Great Time! Summer is here. This is when everybody wants to get on the water. This is also a great time of year to get big savings on new 2016 kayaks. We carry kayaks by Necky, Old Town…


FAQ: Kayak/SUP Questions

FAQ Q: Where can I kayak? Do I have to take the kayak/SUP with me? A: We launch most of our rentals right out our back door. Our docks are located on Town Cove and you can paddle out into Nauset…


Chasing Chrome

By Captain Dave Steeves It’s the most wonderful time of year. No, not Christmas…it’s steelhead fishing in November.  Each November, I head to upstate New York with a group of buddies to chase chrome.  Chrome are Steelhead that are bright silver in…


Tarpon on the Beach

by Nick Gallagher September 20th, my family and I packed up for a trip down to southern Florida to target the elusive Tarpon. Every year around this time we head south just after the busy tourist season on Cape Cod….


Introducing the 2016 PRIME Rize

PRIME Archery is excited to announce its all new bow, the Rize! The Rize, which will be the flagship bow of the PRIME series for 2016, is the result of combining the most accurate system possible with the ultimate shot experience…

Capt. Phil taking advantage of the Blues off Brewster Flats.

Bluefishing Off Monomoy

This weekend my friend Ryan and I hit the water to search for the massive Bluefish that have been recently reported. We set out from Saquatucket Harbor at the very civil hour of 11am and set off across a flat, calm Nantucket…


Fall Bird Season Is Here!

Well, it’s finally here. Fall Bird Season. We’ve all been watching the leaves turn, feeling the temps drop and observing all of the signs that Autumn is in full swing. Sure signs that bird hunting season has come. Pulling out…


Marty “WAHOONBOX” Hiatt to speak at Bash

ITINERARY Marty Hiatt . Marty Hiatt (a.k.a “WAHOONBOX“) is the man behind the popular “Welcome to My World” Youtube video series. Marty has over 35 years in the cockpit of many sport fishing boats and has fished well over 200 Bluewater offshore…


Goose Hummock’s Offshore Bluewater Bash

We would like to announce that we are already planning the 2nd Annual Goose Hummock Offshore Bluewater Bash which will be held on Feb 5th and 6th, 2016 at the Quincy Marriott. With the customer base that the Goose Hummock has and the…


STORMR, Defy the elements.

If the past few days have reminded us of anything, it’s that bad weather can hit at any time. This time of year that can mean rain, wind, snow or a combination of any and then some. The key thing…