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Suspenz® – Making “Getting It There” Easier

For many of us, the anticipation and excitement of heading out for a paddle can be tempered by the less than exciting realization of the hassles of transporting your boat. The joy of getting your SUP, kayak, or canoe out…

Understanding PB Choices

Understanding Paddle Board Choices

By Todd Caranto, First Designer awarded Outside Magazine “Gear of the Year” for stand up paddle boards You’ve probably seen a Stand Up Paddle Board somewhere on vacation, had friends tell you about it, or have even tried one out…


The Predator Series; Old Town’s Fishing Solutions

Old Town is Changing the Way You’ll Fish Prepare yourself for a totally new fishing experience. Get closer to the water and the action with highly customized features engineered to meet the needs of avid anglers and weekend warriors, alike….


Winter on Cape Cod

Things to Do When the Temperature  Drops With the holidays behind us, we here on Cape Cod have a few months to enjoy the quite before the busy Summer is once again upon us. We have the chance to revel…


How to get a Fishing License

The Goose Hummock Shop is your one-stop store for all Massachusetts 2017 Fishing Licenses. Simply stop by, answer a few questions as our staff fills out your registration form and we can have you one the water in no time…


Predator XL Angler Minn Kota

Fishing Made Easy The Predator XL Minn Kota bridges the gap between fishing kayaks and bass boats and shallow water skiffs. This game changer is the combination of the Minn Kota motor and foot controlled rudder system, which allows you…


The Yo-Zuri Mag Darter

The Mag Darter Series allows anglers to cast farther and cover more water than ever before due to its Magnetic Weight Transfer System. The Mag Darter has a unique “Inverted Cupped Face” that is often confused for a topwater lure….


2017 Bluewater Bash

LINKS:   • SPEAKERS • SPONSORS We would like to announce that we are already planning the 3rd Annual Goose Hummock Offshore Bluewater Bash which will be held on March 3rd and 4th, 2017 at the Quincy Marriott. With the customer base that the…


What’s Your Draw Length?

How to determine your draw length If you have only ever shot traditional longbows or recurves, modern compound bows are an entirely different animal. Unlike regular bows, which can be drawn back at any distance, compound bows are designed to draw back…