2016 Bluewater Bash Speakers



Captain Eric Stewart, Goose Hummock

Capt. Eric Stewart

  Captain Eric Stewart has been in the sportfishing/charterboat industry for the past 38 years and has been a USCG licensed Captain for over 32 years. He holds a 100-ton Masters license. He started the Tammy Rose Sportfishing Charter business in 1988. He has fished the waters of Cape Cod his entire life and for the last 6 years he has spent much of his winter time fishing up and down the eastern seaboard from Cape Cod to Florida out to the Turks and Caicos. He was also involved in starting a fishing lodge in Mozambique, Africa where he made three expeditions there to document the sportfishing potential of the area. He has also fished Midway Island, Hawaii, and Costa Rica.
  In 2001 he opened The Hook-Up! Bait and Tackle shop with his business partner Cliff Hampton. For the last 11 seasons he has specialized in the pursuit of giant bluefin tuna on rod and reel. He has over 35 giants to his credit as a captain and he has landed over 1800 bluefin on the troll. He has placed in several tuna tournaments and won the 2014 Hyannis Tunafest. This year The Hook-Up! Bait and Tackle was sold to the Goose Hummock shop where Capt. Eric is now the Business Development Manager. He is married to his wife Tammy of 28 years and they have three children.

Captain Mike Netto

Capt. Mike Netto

   Captain Mike Netto is a Cape Cod native who has spent his entire life on the water. From age four when his father took him fluke fishing, to the present day catching pelagics, Mike has spent over thirty years chasing a sundry of species. As a practicing mechanical engineer Mike has a knack for fixing things with whatever he has on hand, leading friends and owners to dub him ‘Mike MacGyver’. Whether it is improvising a blown propeller hub with a spool of Teflon tape while trolling off Peaked Hill Bar, or remedying an inconsistent diesel sensor with a freezer one hundred miles offshore, Mike keeps whatever boat he is on running with lines in. Mike melds his passion for fishing with his interests in science and is an avid weather forecaster and interpreter of internet data that is available to help determine where to fish and when. Running his own 233 Formula offshore to catch bluefin tuna east of Chatham, or south of the Vineyard, Mike pushes the envelope with a keen eye directed toward weather and safety. Utilizing a gantry of online services he analyzes surface conditions to best predict where to fish to maximize results. Captain Netto holds a Coast Guard Master Near Coastal license and is presently the captain of the 55’ Viking Force Majeure.

Captain Jack Sprengel,

Capt. Jack Sprengel

  Nick named the “Jesse James” of the northeast sportfishing scene, Capt. Jack Sprengel of East Coast Charters and Team Shimano, is known for is edgy style and unique approach to the sport. An active writer and photographer, his work has been featured in publications like: Saltwater Sportsman, Field and Stream, Sport Fishing Magazine, On the Water, The Fisherman and many others. He has also made appearances on several major network television series for Nat Geo, Animal Planet and Spike TV.
  An enthusiast of all species, large and small, the captain specializes in light tackle fishing for Big Game species. Topping this list of species are Tuna and Pelagic Sharks. Captain Jack’s latest offshore passion has been revolved around the development and innovation of deep water jigging techniques at the northeast canyons and even well inside the shelf, targeting not only tuna, but wahoo and swordfish! Captain Jack has dozens of broadbills and wahoo under his belt, including a massive 500 plus pound Rhode Island State Record. In his pursuit of the ultimate big game Jack has stepped way outside the box. In 2014 he successfully applied his creativity by experimenting with FAD’s(fishing aggregating devices), and achieved great success up here in the northeast.
  Jack has traveled to and fished the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, The Caribbean Sea, The Gulf of Mexico as well as numerous freshwater lakes, rivers and streams in the United States, Central/South America and Europe. Here at home, Jack focuses his efforts on the near coastal waters off Block Island and Cape Cod or he makes the run to the edge and fishes the North East Canyons with his Co-Capt Louis J Defusco on the infamous, “Hot Reels.”

Capt. Corey Pietraszek

Capt. Corey Pietraszek

Capt Corey Pietraszek has been fishing the shorelines along Rhode Island and Massachusetts for over 25 years. Growing up in a small coastal town in Massachusetts where fishing in some of the local ponds and estuaries was all he could think about and was the catalyst of a life long passion for being on the water. He would spend many summer days running the small boats his family owned fishing along the estuaries and shorelines along Buzzards Bay looking for different places to fool Striped Bass, Bluefish, False Albacore, and Bonito. After years of “pushing” his friends and family around he decided in 2001 to get his license and start taking clients part-time to share what his knowledge and love for the sport.  Now almost 15 years later he currently owns/operates Plug N Play Charter Group, one of New England’s premier fly and light tackle fishing operations and his accolades and reputation have earned him many invitations to major outdoor sporting venues, tournaments, including the 2013 and 2015 Saltwater Sportsman National Seminar Series.

Capt. Marty “Wahoonbox” Hiatt
Capt. Marty “Wahoonbox” Hiatt

Capt. Marty Hiatt (a.k.a “WAHOONBOX”) is the man behind the popular “Welcome to My World” Youtube video series. Marty has over 35 years in the cockpit of many sport fishing boats and has fished well over 200 Bluewater offshore tournaments. He is a writer, hunter, professional mate, creator of “WAHOONBOX” video personality, and fishing guru. He burst onto the scene with his “Welcome to My World” instructional videos and fishing highlights. His highly aggressive approach to the offshore industry ranks him as one of the top “in the box” charter boat meat producers on the east coast. Known for his innovative ideas in bait rigging and his originality with his planer rod system (nicknamed “Death from Above”), Marty has established himself as one of the true innovators in the offshore fishing world.

He has been working the cockpit of the NC charter boat “Runoff” since 2003. Billfish, Giant Bluefin Tuna, Wahoo, and Mahi are his passions and he is here to share his world. Marty will bring a whole new dimension of offshore bait-rigging to the Bluewater Bash; you definitely do not want to miss this. His techniques and innovations are industry leading and his sense of humor makes his presentations second to none. You will learn a ton of new techniques that will help you catch more fish, whether at the canyons or inshore for Bluefin.