2017 Speakers



Captain Eric Stewart, Goose Hummock

Capt. Eric Stewart

  Captain Eric Stewart has been in the sportfishing/charterboat industry for the past 40 years and has been a USCG licensed Captain for over 34 years. He holds a 100-ton Masters license. He started the Tammy Rose Sportfishing Charter business in 1988. He has fished the waters of Cape Cod his entire life and for the last 8 years he has spent much of his winter time fishing up and down the eastern seaboard from Cape Cod to Florida out to the Turks and Caicos. He was also involved in starting a fishing lodge in Mozambique, Africa where he made three expeditions there to document the sport fishing potential of the area. He has also fished Midway Islands, Hawaii, and Costa Rica.
  In 2001 he opened The Hook-Up! Bait and Tackle shop with his business partner Cliff Hampton. For the last 15 seasons he has specialized in the pursuit of bluefin tuna on rod and reel. He has over 40 giants to his credit as a captain and he has landed over 1900 bluefin on the troll. He has placed in several tuna tournaments including winning the Hyannis Tunafest back to back in 2014 & 2015, 1st Place in the Nantucket Big Game Battle 2015, 3rd Place Oak Bluffs Offshore Classic 2015, and took 3rd Place and the Daily prize at this year’s 2016 Nantucket Bluefin Blast. The Hook-Up! Bait and Tackle shop was sold to the Goose Hummock shop in 2014 where Capt. Eric is now the Business Development Manager. Capt. Eric is also the captain on a brand new 52ft Viking named “El Diablo” which is based on Nantucket for the summer and Miami for the winter. He is married to his wife Tammy of 29 years and they have three children.

Capt. Marty “Wahoonbox” Hiatt
Capt. Marty “Wahoonbox” Hiatt

Capt. Marty Hiatt (a.k.a “WAHOONBOX”) is the man behind the popular “Welcome to My World” Youtube video series. Marty has over 35 years in the cockpit of many sport fishing boats and has fished well over 200 Bluewater offshore tournaments. He is a writer, hunter, professional mate, creator of “WAHOONBOX” video personality, and fishing guru. He burst onto the scene with his “Welcome to My World” instructional videos and fishing highlights. His highly aggressive approach to the offshore industry ranks him as one of the top “in the box” charter boat meat producers on the east coast. Known for his innovative ideas in bait rigging and his originality with his planer rod system (nicknamed “Death from Above”), Marty has established himself as one of the true innovators in the offshore fishing world.

He has been working the cockpit of the NC charter boat “Runoff” since 2003. Billfish, Giant Bluefin Tuna, Wahoo, and Mahi are his passions and he is here to share his world. Marty will bring a whole new dimension of offshore bait-rigging to the Bluewater Bash; you definitely do not want to miss this. His techniques and innovations are industry leading and his sense of humor makes his presentations second to none. You will learn a ton of new techniques that will help you catch more fish, whether at the canyons or inshore for Bluefin.
Capt. Bobby DeCosta
Capt. Bobby DeCosta

Growing up on Nantucket fishing has always been part of Bob’s life; he started working as a mate for his dad Ray on the Albacore when he was nine years old. By the time he was 18 he had obtained a Coast Guard Captains License and become an expert at fishing Nantucket’s unique sets of shoals and rips. After spending three years in the US Army Bob returned to Nantucket working as a Mate or Captain on both private and commercial fishing boats. Fishing from Nantucket to the Bahamas Bob quickly received recognition as one of the Island top Captains. In 1994 Bob took over the Albacore after his Dad lost a short but fierce battle to cancer. Some of Capt. Bob accomplishments include captaining the boat that caught the first Blue Marlin in Nantucket Anglers Club History, being featured in Saltwater Sportsman twice and catching the first keeper Bass on the Island three years in a row. In 2007 Capt. Bob won the Boston Big Game Club Monster Shark Tournament on Martha’s Vineyard. This tournament is the largest shark tournament on the east coast and was televised on Spike TV. Capt. Bob has also won the Nantucket Anglers shark tournament as well as victories in the Nantucket Bluefin Blast. Bob and Debra, his wife of 30 years have a son Raymond. (Named after his grandfather). Both Deb and Ray love to fish and will often be seen out on the boat with Bob when he doesn’t have a charter. Ray is taking after his dad and grandfather and has been working on the Albacore as the mate and has now started to captain the vessel. The Albacore is one of Nantucket’s premier charter boats and is one of the few that does it all from bass fishing to offshore for shark and tuna.