Rod & Reel

Rod Repair Rates

Labor only, parts additional

Standard Guide … $15.00 + Parts

Single or Double Foot Wrap

Additional Guides … $7.50 + Parts

Rod Tips

Hardaloy … $6.00

Alconite … As Marked

Roller Tips … As Marked


Clean & Lube Rollers … $5.00 per roller

Reel Seat Epoxy & Pin … $20.00

Blue Water Rods Guide Wrapping … $25.00

Braided Line Reversal … $8.00 per spool

Wire Line Breaks … $8.00 per Splice

Replace EVA or Other Repairs … Call for Estimate

Reel Repair Rates

Labor Only, Parts Additional

Large Blue Water Reels

#50, #70, #80 and #130 Class … Flat Rate $50

Smaller Blue Water Reels

#30’s and below … Flat Rate $40

Complex Spinning Reels … Flat Rate $50

Standard Spinning Reels … Flat Rate $22

Conventional Reels

With Level Wind Gearing … Flat Rate $25

Without Level Wind … Flat Rate $22

Fly Reels … Flat Rate $22

Diagnostic Bench Time Fee

If a rod or reel is in serious disrepair, a flat rate of $30 per hour will be billed. If the repair will cost more than one half  of the items replacement value, we will call you for authorization. As the degree of difficulty increases due to corrosion issues, this fee will apply. If you choose not to repair a rod or reel in serious disrepair, a $10 technician bench time fee will be assessed.